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Sunflower press cake is a concentrated fodder obtained after pressing of sunflower oil according to technology cold extraction with smooth modes of oil extraction. As a result we obtain not only oil, but also a press cake of high quality.

Sunflower press cake has a great feeding value:

- Raw fat up to 15 %;
- Raw protein up to 38 %;
- Raw fiber up to 18 %;

Due to its high feeding value it is possible to introduce a smaller amount of press cake into combined fodders.

In a press cake there is residual oil in amount of 15 % which has high quality indices that can not be compared with fodder oil: low level of oxidation, high content of vitamin E and phospholipids, vitamins of group B, beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A). Due to oil content in press cake there is no need in additional expenses for purchase of fodder oil for composition of combined fodders.
Sunflower press cake represents residues of sunflower kernel after oil pressing. Introduction of sunflower press cake into animals ration has positive influence on metabolism, strengthen immunity system, improves growth of young animals, and increases productivity of birds. Press cake is a valuable high-protein additive for production of combined fodders. Sunflower press cake may be used in ration of any type of animals, mainly as a source of proteins which quality is rather higher than quality of grain crops. In press cake there is rather high content of fats (7 10 %) due to which it has high feeding and energetic value. In press cake there is a residual amount of sunflower oil which has high quality indices, low level of oxidation, and high content of vitamin E and phospholipids.