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Soy-bean oil is a mixture of acids: 44-60% of linoleic acid, 20-30% of oleinic acid, 5-14% of linolenoic acid, 2,4-6,8% of palmic acid, 4,4-7,3% of stearinic acid, 0,4-1% of arachic acid. As for other saponifiable and non-saponifiable matters, soy-bean oil contains 4,5% of phospholipides, 0,002% of waxes and wax-like products, 0,14-0,2% of pigments, up to 0,15% of protein substances, up to 0,5% of vitamins , D, E, and , 0,008-0,12% of carbohydrate.
Soy-bean oil is obtained from soy beans. In world production of plant oils it occupies the first place. Raw soy-bean oil has brown with green colour, refined oil light-yellow colour. Soy-bean colour is used for food and as raw material for production of margarine. Only refined oil may be used for food. Soy-bean oil is used in the same way as sunflower oil. It is better for vegetables than for meat.

Soy-bean oil contains record amount of vitamin E1 (tocopherol) that participates in formation of sperm. 114 mg of the vitamin is contained in 100 g of oil. For example: in the same amount of sunflower oil there is only 67 mg of tocopherol, in olive oil only 13 mg. This vitamin promotes normal development of pregnancy and fetus. Besides that tocopherol helps to cope with stresses, avoids cardio-vascular diseases, and disfunction of reins.

Among all plant oils soy-bean oil has the highest biological activity and is digested by organism for 98 %. Soy-bean oil contains essential non-saturated fat acids, tocopherol that is a natural antioxidant, and lecithin that regulates cholesterin exchange. Linoleic and linolenoic acids, like amino acids, are not synthesized by humans organism and are essential. Soy-bean oil improves metabolism, strengthen immune system.

Phytosterols contained in soy-bean oil have positive influence on skin and renew it. Soy-bean oil contains native proteins.