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Oil cake is a minor product of vegetable oils production that is obtained after pressing and extraction of seeds of oil cultures.

Pressing is a process of oil pressing from seeds of oil cultures. Extraction process means extraction of residual oil from seeds after pressing with the help of organic solvents. In this case oil content in press cake obtained after pressing (up to 10 %) reduced to 1.5 2 % in oil cake.
Sunflower oil cake has deficit of lysin, however, as opposed to the other oil cakes it almost does not contain antinutrients. Arabinoxylanic index of sunflower oil cake in relation to soy-bean oil cake is 117 that provides high digestibility of protein comparing with other protein fodders of plant origin (78 80 %). Content of vitamin in sunflower oil cake is rather higher than in soy-bean oil cake.

Oil cake is essential as a high-protein additive during production of combined fodders for cattle, pigs, birds, because it contains natural proteins, fiber, vitamins and B, potassium, phosphorous, and other mineral substances. Sunflower oil cake is rich in niacin, riboflavin, choline, biotin, pantothenic acid, and pyridoxine. Besides that sunflower oil cake is an excellent source of vitamin E.
Sunflower oil cake is a valuable fodder which contains 30 43 % of raw protein; this fodder is rich in amino acids, in particular it has high level of methionine that has positive influence on growth and development of young animals. Comparing with press cake the oil cake contains more raw protein, but less fat no more than 1.5 %. Content of husks is no more than 16 % (there are also oil cakes without husks).