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Introduction of rape press cake into composition of combined fodders used during breeding of meat hens allows to significantly decrease prime cost of live weight increase. This is connected with relative cheapness of rape press cake comparing with full-ration combined fodders.
Rape press cake is obtained by pressing of oil seeds of rape and summer rape on expellers in order to extract oil.

Rape press cake is one of the components of fodders from ration of cattle. Due to that fact that rape is referred to family of crucifers the obtained press cake is lactigenous fodder. Rather high content of protein allows to increase fat content of milk; low content of fiber allows to combine this additive with other fodders. Distinctive feature of this product is a high residue of raw oil in press cake. As far as rape oil contains oleinic acid which increases exchange energy of fodder there is a possibility to refuse from additional introduction of plant oils into rations of cattle. In this way use of rape press cake in milk farming leads to increase of quantitative and qualitative indicators of final product. i.e. to increase of milk yield and protein content of milk.

At the resent time there are sorts of rape with reduced content of low-digestible substances that makes rape press cake more attractive for use in animals breeding.

Rape press cake is produced in the form of a shell or in grinded state. Colour from grey to light-brown. Content of raw protein in terms of absolutely dry matter should not be lower than 37 %; mass fraction of raw fiber should not exceed 16 %.

Price of rape press cake is rather lower than price of its sunflower analogue.