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At the present time barley grain is widely used for food, technical and fodder purposes, including in brewing industry, during production of pearled barley and pot barley.

Barley is referred to the most valuable concentrated fodders for animals because it contains native protein and is rich in starch.

In Russia about 70 % of barley is used for fodder purposes.
Feed barley is included into combined fodders for animals. Barley is referred to grass family. There are many different types of barley. Feed barley is referred to coarse grain.

Combined fodder for animals is supplemented with barley grain and barley leaves and haulm. Barley may be sold as a part of fodder for animals, so as independent fodder.

Barley contains enough valuable substances which are required for cattle breeding; that is why it is permanently added to fodder for animals, if the combined fodder does not contain barley.