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The Ministry of agriculture of Russia will specify terms of execution of commodity interventions on grain market

Beginning of execution of commodity interventions on grain market that was initially planned for 4 August may be transferred. Terms of execution of interventions for manufacturers of agricultural products suffered from draughts may be corrected, - stated today Elena Skrynnik, Minister of agricultural of Russia, after completion of telephone conference on realization of complex measures directed to coping with consequences of draught.

It is necessary to additionally revise all questions with consideration of existing situation on draught and receipt of documents for expertise of damage occurred due to abnormally high temperature, - said Elena Skrynnik.

Minister stated that data submitted regions concerning incurred damages are not always true. As an example she told about Samara region which declared about damage in amount of 7 mlrd roubles, submitted documents for compensation of damage in amount of 2.6 mlrd roubles, and further expertise confirmed only damage in amount of 1.7 mlrd roubles.

At the present time expertise of documents on damage in Bashkiria, Samara and Orenburd regions have been carried out. Have been received documents on Chuvashia, Tatarstan, Nizhegorod and Volgograd regions.

At the same time Elena Skrynnik stated that only livestock enterprises, enterprises of mill and processing industry located in regions that suffered from draughts will be accepted to exchange auctions on grain from Intervention fund. For today emergency mode has been established in 23 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Minister noticed that in order to support regions suffered from draughts at the present moment matters on provision of such enterprises with fodders and seeds are considered.

According to estimates of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia deficit of fodders in regions suffered from draught is 14.6 mln tons at total demand of 44.4 mln tons.

Elena Skrynnik specified that deficit of chaff in these regions is 910 th. tons, deficit of haylage 4.98 mln tons, deficit of hay 4 mln tons, deficit of silage 4.8 mln tons.

In whole Russia deficit of fodders is 7 mln tons at total demand of 71 mln tons. In this case 3 mln tons may be compensated due to preparation of hay and chaff in regions not suffered from draught, as well as due to repeated sowing of monocyclic plants and harvesting of spring cultures of late sowing. 4 mln tons of fodders will compensated due to additional use of 1.5 mln tons of fodder grain from interventional fund.

Speaking on provision of enterprises with seeds Elena Skrynnik informed that in regions suffered from draught deficit of winter crops is 0.2 mln tons, spring crops 1.4 mln tons. 1.6 mln tons of crop it is necessary to purchase in other regions which have a possibility of realization of excess grain.

Seeds may be shared with regions suffered from draughts by Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, Rostov, Tula, Orel, Kursk, Moscow, and other regions.

News, 27 July 2010

Source: internet portal of the Ministry of agriculture of the RF