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V. Zubkov instructed E. Skrynnik to control consumption of wheat from Intervention fund

Victor Zubkov, the first vice prime minister of the RF, applied to Elena Skrynnik, the Head of the Ministry of agriculture, with request to control consumption of state wheat from Intervention fund in this year. Such instructions were given today at the first meeting of commission on realization of complex measures directed on coping with draught.

I would like to pay attention of the Ministry of agriculture to that fact that even one ton, one kilogram of grain should not be misused in this year, - stated V. Zubkov and explained that the grain should be sent only to persons who suffered from fire.

In the process of grain distribution it may be obtained by persons not connected with draught, - said the first vice prime minister. As he said Intervention fund is our national patrimony and grain from this fund should be sent exactly to each agricultural enterprise which suffered from draught. V. Zubkov reminded that such mechanisms are already developed by government and now it is very important to start these mechanisms for realization of taken decisions as soon as possible. Budget funds are already reserved by government, - said V. Zubkov.

For the present time reserve of grain in Russia is 21.7 mln. tons, of which 9.5 mln. tons are referred to Intervention fund, stated ITAR-TASS.

According to E. Skrynnik deficit of fodder grain in Russia in this year will be 7 mln tons at total demand of 71 mln tons. The Minsitry plans that 62 mln tons may be produced by regions in their own territories, 3 mln tons of hay and chaff may be produced additionally due to travel to regions which did not suffered from draught, as well as due to repeated sow of monocyclic plants. The state plans to compensate remained 4 mln tons by fodder grain from Intervention fund.

Deficit of winter crops seeds in this year according to estimates of the Ministry of agriculture will be 0.2 mln tons at demand of 4.5 mln tons; deficit of spring crops seeds will be 1.4 mln tons at total demand of 6.8 mln tons. In that way regions suffered from draught will have to purchase 1.6 mln tons of seeds from their neighbours.

News, 25 July 2010

Source: Grain on-line